Official 2017 NFL Season Thread


Welcome NFL Fans and you boycotters

My bears are trash.

Gonna take some getting used to this lol


Wtf is this??

I aint feelin this jaunt

This site really shit the bed w this new format


shit stupid

So I'm finally back in....but then my Lions lose as usual smh

So...how about them Dolphins lol

Hate to say it but Panthers might be one and done in playoffs

I have no idea how to work this site

This jawn got killed man

Hoping Philly pulls off the upset of the year

Go Pats! -___-

This shit sad.

Pats by 17

Fuck the nfl boycotting

Bye nigga

Smh i wish the real IC were still here so I could roast ya'll bitchass Cowboys fans that celebrated when Wentz went down

So they really not bringing the old IC back? Wackness