The Official Boxing Thread

I'm just filling in the required 80 characters that "Deck" is asking for.

This is for boxing.


So like I was saying... Any of y'all think Indongo can make the fight competitive with Crawford?

Fuck no, Crawford getting that nigga the fuck outta here

You think so, huh? I wanna say we haven't seen Indongos ceiling yet and I can see this going all 12.

Lol nah that's just me being a fan, I honestly can't remember seeing indongo fight, imma have to YouTube a couple of fights before I start my shit talk

Yeah bruh, he is kinda awkward but I watched a few of his fights. He only fought in Namibia until two fights ago. Went to Russia and KO the nigga in the 1st round for his belt then went to Ricky Burns town and beat him up for his belt too haha

Damn ain't nobody else fucking with this lol

I'm trying bruh haha. I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve cause the IC gonna shut down without warning, watch haha

Malignaggi should be ashamed of himself haha McGregor put the beats on him haha

Paulie should have never asked him to release the video

I know, shit backfired in his face haha

Watch the livestream for their fight here! mayweather.live


Can we do it? Lol

The black web?lol