Nicki Minja Drops Two Amazing Videos For "Barbie Tingz" and "Chun Li"

Nicki Minaj is moving forward with her domination plans.

(AllHipHop Music) Kanye West's wave of "free thought" seemed to mess with the attention people were giving to folks like Nicki Minaj, who were on their way to promoting projects. Now, that the West wave has died down slightly, Nicki has released the highly anticipated videos "Chun Li" and "Barbie Tingz." Both are vibrant and energetic. Check them out and judge them with your critical eye.

Nobody cares about this bitches barbie hallucinations

She needs to switch it up from that Barbie ish. Gotta switch up to stay relevant.. I didn't like either song.

Wench needs a ass and a attitude reduction.