Joe Budden and Casanova: Who Pulled Up First?

The rumor game ain't what it used to be, but illseed gets to the bottom of this one easily!

(AllHipHop Rumors) OK. Let me run this down really fast. Joe Budden recently started up his new online show called “Pull Up,” which has him talking to a bunch of people in a big room. Well, the audio was pretty horrible and the atmosphere was chaotic, but the show exists. Now, the internets almost got it all f#cked up. They seemed to feel that Casanova was some kind of turncoat because he went and did BET’s Pull Up after doing Joe Budden’s debut show.

However, what seems to be, is NOT what it appears to be. BET not only has a better produced show, but they also had it before Budden! Budden likely didn’t know the BET show existed. I sure didn’t. However - neither answer is correct!

The real answer is TAXSTONE! Tax is in jail, but his show predated BOTH and he was doing his thing. You can’t do nothing without it being picked apart!

Yeah - its a slow day.


yeah it's a slow day. lamo! you know this is wack

Pretty much. No argument there.